Production planning template

What is Production planning?

Production planning is the process of determining the most efficient way to produce goods or services. It involves analyzing various factors such as demand, available resources, and production capabilities to create a plan that optimizes productivity and minimizes costs.

The goal of production planning is to ensure that the right quantity of products is produced at the right time while maintaining quality standards by setting production goals, scheduling tasks, allocating resources, and coordinating activities across departments. Effective production planning helps organizations streamline operations, improve efficiency, meet customer demands, and achieve overall business objectives.

Importance of production planning

Production planning is crucial for organizations as it helps optimize resource utilization, minimize costs, and enhance efficiency. It ensures timely production of goods or services, meets customer demands, reduces inventory levels, and minimizes disruptions. Effective production planning improves competitiveness, profitability, and customer satisfaction while streamlining operations.

Production planning template free download

This free production planning template can be used by multiple industries and small manufacturers. Download our free production planning template, which is suitable for multiple industries and small businesses. You can download the file by clicking the button below.

Component of free production planning template

Adding some basic data, such as your raw materials list, finished products list, machine list, etc., is all you need to do in this template. When you input the relevant data into relevant files, the template will automatically process the data.

Raw materials data

Raw material data includes RM code, RM description, RM brands, RM quantity, and units, Please insert these details at relevant cells, The template will automatically pull out this data for next-level processing.

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Master machine details

Please insert the machine number, machine name, setup time, daily production time, and monthly working days into the machine master details. the rest of the data will process by templates automatically.

Finished products data

Please insert FG code, FG description, FG brand, FG current stock level, FG unit, and required FG unit for a planning period. Insert machine data from the drop-down list and set output per hour in the desired column. You can see the required hours and balance machine hours in the same window.

Bill Of Materials

Bill of materials (BOM) is the details of the list and quantity of raw materials required to produce particular units of finished goods. In the BOM tab, Please add finished goods codes, required raw materials code, and required raw materials per quantity of finished goods. required total quantity will be calculated automatically.

Materials resources planning

Material resources planning is a process of analyzing the material availability as per the production plan, in this template MRP dashboard allows you to analyze the required raw materials, available raw materials, and required order quantity. This data allows you to manage your purchase order effectively. You don’t need to input any data into this dashboard, it is fully connected to your FG requirements, BOM, and RM details.

Machine allocation report

Machine allocation reports show your machine-wise allocation to production and total machine allocation summary. This you can compare with actual machine utilization to evaluate the production efficiency.

Summary dashboard

The summary dashboard shows machine-wise job allocation and a summary of raw materials availability. This helps you to analyze the data effectively.

Advantages of production planning template

  1. Efficiency: A template provides a structured framework, allowing you to quickly and efficiently organize production activities, tasks, and timelines.
  2. Consistency: By using a template, you ensure a consistent approach to production planning across different projects or periods, reducing errors and improving overall reliability.
  3. Time-saving: The template provides pre-defined sections and fields, saving time in creating a production plan from scratch and enabling faster decision-making.
  4. Collaboration: A template facilitates collaboration among team members by providing a standardized format for sharing information and updates, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  5. Scalability: As your production needs grow, a template can be easily adapted or scaled to accommodate changes in demand, resources, or production requirements.

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